Outfit post: in the navy

Many of my workwear outfit posts are black based, as I love black and its easy to match with more black or other colours.  However, as I age (!), I have noticed that sometimes navy is a better idea, and. indeed, I have girlfriends who have more or less abandoned black in favour or navy or grey.  So, here’s a navy based outfit board, using 1 jacket and 1 pair of trousers, to create 2 outfits:

"Navy workwear outfit" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual pieces are:

1.  REISS | Constance printed sleeveless top | 100% silk | £45 (was £95)

To be honest, I normally prefer to include sleeved tops, but the Dolores sleeved version is sold out online, except for sizes 14 and 16.  This is such a lovely, versatile print, though, that I am including it in case you live somewhere warmer than London, or can wait until spring.  Its worth looking at the Reiss sale range, as they have made their final reductions, and there are some beautiful pieces at affordable prices.

Womens Pansy Print Printed Sleeveless Top - Reiss Constance


2. MARKS & SPENCER | Autograph Albert suede pointed flats in blue | Suede upper, synthetic lining and sole | £45 

Its 20% off today at M&S, online only, so these are £36 for today.  I might just order the black version…

Suede Stain Away™ Albert Flat Pointed Toe Pumps with Insolia Flex®

3.  MANGO | Applique texture jacket in navy and black (JACOB) | 100% cotton outer.   Lined.  Vinyl appliques  £34.99 (was £69.99)

Navy and black is now a “thing”, and a jacket with both is really quite useful (I have a Zara Chanel-esque one from last year), as it looks good with both, as well as denim.

Appliqué texture jacket

4.  MANGO (OUTLET) | Cotton suit trousers in navy (JAPO2) | 97% cotton,3% elastane | £17.99

A nice reader was commenting on these, from this Trying It On at Mango post, and then alerted me to these trousers being available on the Mango Outlet.   They are really flattering on me, and I need size 8.  I am about to order them.

Cotton suit trousers

Here’s how they look on me in black:



5.  BANANA REPUBLIC | Dark Silk Popover Blouse in cosmic teal | 100% silk | £75

What a beautiful colour, I love this sort of jewel tone.  Not sure how its “cosmic” teal, but the name did make me smile.

6. BODEN | Alice high heel shoes in navy / amethyst | Suede upper, leather lining and sole | 8.5cm | £119

Oh Reader, these shoes drove the entire outfit.  I saw them, I love them and I just want them to be a little less expensive before I order them (I have shopped extensively in the sales).  If, however, you are ready to buy these utterly gorgeous, interesting, but entirely wearable heels, F3Z3 gets you 20% off.  Alternatively, it looks as though all shoes will be 20% off, on Friday.

I see that these heels come in 2 heel heights: 6 cm (“mid heel”) and 8.5cm (“high heel”).  What a good idea, as some women really struggle with high heels.

<div class="superCaption">This is <span class="nColor">image</span></div>


Thank you for reading, Reader, and I hope you are off to a super start to your week.

A little Zara sale shopping

Now, while this post won’t be of any great help, unless you are near a well stocked Zara store (since there isn’t much left online), I’m writing it, anyway, to share what I have bought, recently in the Zara sales.  The Zara sales typically begin with fairly modest discounts, but quite a lot of stock, then as the discounts increase, so that you are in True Sale Bargain territory, the stock levels plummets.  In my experience, the stock varies a lot from Zara store to store, so its worth ducking into each one you pass to see what you can find.  I did this, and cumulatively, I have bought the following, each of which I had had my eye on when they were full price:

1. ZARA | Midi tube skirt in black | 52% cotton, 45% polyester, 3% elastane | Size S | £15.99 (was £35.99)

This skirt is unlined, so will probably only be worn in warm weather, however its really flattering, and at £16, I was happy to buy it.  Here is the website photo of the navy version:

Image 2 of MIDI TUBE SKIRT from Zara

Here’s how the black (which I bought) looks on me (from a previous Trying It On at Zara post):

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Shop the streetstyle: pink, black and white

Here’s a workwear outfit, based on one of my favourite streetstyle photos, that’s pretty, but classic, using both sale and new season pieces:

"Pink, black and white workwear outfit" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual pieces are:

3 budget beauty buys from Boots

While this isn’t a beauty blog, I do like to mention things that I have bought and tried that I think are excellent. I have recently bought 3 such things from Boots:

1. Boots Dry shampoo in original (£1.50)
Is this any better than the Batiste dry shampoo? Its about the same, and it has a slightly different, coconut like smell and is currently £1.50. Definitely worth a try if you like to add texture to your fine hair, like I do.  Dry shampoo gives me a bit of fluffy duck hair, and that works for me.


2. Boots No 7 Gel-Look Shine nail polish in Deep Wine (£7)
I’m a recent convert to dark berry / burgundy nails, as I normally wear nude nails (Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour, Rose Poudre is my nude colour of choice). The colour I first used is 2 True in Shade 8, which is £2 from Superdrug. Lovely colour, but it chips after a few days, quite badly. This always happens with me, as I am “hard” on my nails, but I was hoping to find something more durable. I have. It’s this Boots No 7 Gel-Look shine nail polish in Deep Wine. The colour is gorgeous, and I feel far more glamorous and polished wearing it, than normal, but it’s also very durable. I’m up to day 3 with virtually no chipping, despite me assembling a bookcase during that time.  I do also apply a top coat most days (Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay), but if you aren’t treating your finger nails like screwdrivers etc, you might not need to.

I’m not sure the photos capture the colour correctly – its a deep burgundy that’s almost purple (ie blue based, not yellow based).




3. Boots Stay Perfect eyeshadow in matte calico (£7)

In my natural state, I look tired and washed out. Fortunately, I’m never in my natural state for long, and this eyeshadow is the latest trick I am using to look fresh. The eyeshadow is matte and very pigment rich. More so than the other Boots Stay Perfect colours and, also, the Bourjois eyeshadows I looked at. They yellow tone is perfect for my pale, but yellow based, skin and it counters redness due to children who dodge sleep. It would also appeal to people who like that very clean, nude eyelid look, which works well with bold lips and/or cat eye flicked eyeliner.




Thank you for reading, Reader, have a really great day.

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5 more sales picks, from H&M

Forgive me, dear Reader, I shall be back into outfit posts and other such things soon, but I have noticed some things at H&M that are too good not to mention.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Premium Quality selection of the H&M ladies’ wear is my favourite place to look in H&M.  There’s no real consistency between what is stocked in the various stores, so looking online is the surest way to see what they stock.  I try and see what the colours and quality are like in real life, but with the code 1733, you can take a punt and order online, with no delivery fee.

Now, as to what I have seen and liked, its as follows:

1. H&M | Silk blouse in dark grey | £20 (was £34.99)

A charcoal grey silk shirt is a rare, but nice, beast, so I have just ordered this as its just too good to pass up at £20.  I find H&M to fit true to size, so I ordered size 10.  It helps that I have seen this shirt in real life, and thought it lovely.

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10 more sales picks

As the sales continue, there are some terrific buys to be had.  Frankly, I did most of my sales shopping before Christmas, but there are some things here that are On My Mind, or are at better prices than I paid.  ‘T’was ever thus with sales shopping!

1. ME + EM | Shearling snood in black | £44 (was £148)

A few of my girlfriends have bought these snoods, and barely taken them off since they arrived.  I haven’t bought one, as I just made (yes!) myself a shearling collar / scarf, so I can’t justify this.  However, you can believe me when I say that you can’t really make them for this price.


2.  HOBBS | Regent grey cross body bag | Leather outer.  Lined | £79 (was £189)

A little Valentino in shape, I bought this for my birthday, in early December, and, naturally, now it is around half price.  I like a structured, medium sized bag and I didn’t want gold hardware or obvious branding.  This ticks all my boxes, and it also smells delicious.


3.  HOBBS | Sadie longboots in black.  Leather upper, lining and sole | Heel height: 8.5cm | £159 (was £279)

I have included these purely as eye candy.  My calves are far too narrow for such boots, and they aren’t hugely reduced, but my, they are yar, so here they are.  Perfect with a knit and a slim midi skirt:

4.  & OTHER STORIES | Dark green silk tailored dress | 100% mulberry silk | £48 (was £95)

I was fortunate enough that some dear girlfriends bought me this for my birthday (in size 36).  Its a stunning dress that you could wear to work formal dinners or parties, or to a wedding.  A movie star dress.

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Happy New Year!

Hello again, lovely Reader, and happy New Year!  I didn’t plan to take such a complete break over the festive season, but it happened (nothing dramatic, just busy with family and Christmas), and now I am back and feeling refreshed.  Its been nice, actually, to stop for a little bit and have a think about why I blog and whether I want to continue.  I blog as I enjoy it, so, I will continue.  However, I think I will aim to do shorter, possibly more frequent posts.  That may appeal to you more, too, Reader.

One of my dearest Readers (my sister) asked how I decide what to write about, and whether I have a schedule of posts.  No, I’m not that professional.  I blog about what appeals to me at the time, or what I think I haven’t written about, and want to.  So, today is about ankle boots.  More specifically, the black suede ankle boots I just bought.

It might seem ridiculous to buy suede ankle boots when you live in a wet climate (London).  However, I wouldn’t wear them in the rain, or recommend them for a wet commute.  Also, I will be applying suede protector, and I have a suede brush to protect and restore them.

I chose suede over leather, despite its high maintenance requirements, because

  • black suede is darker than black leather, so that it looks a) more elegant, and b) better with black opaque stockings; and
  • it adds some contrasting texture to my all black outfits, particularly good when I wear (faux) leather skirts or trousers.

For example, I often wear all black outfits, but with shearling, faux fur, cashmere, faux leather, wool, ponyskin and/or suede.  It would be too dull if it was all wool, cotton or leather (actually, the latter would be a bit, umm, wrong).  Are you per-suede-d? (ha!)

As to the particular boots I wanted, I saw something gorgeous, that was expensive, and couldn’t justify them.  Namely, these Gianvito Rossi black suede ankle boots (£605):

Gianvito Rossi 

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Shop the street style: Catherine Zeta Jones

The ever glamorous Catherine Zeta Jones, on the left, wearing a gorgeous black and burgundy outfit I have been looking forward to recreating, with high street workwear pieces, on the right:

"Shop the street style: Catherine Zeta Jones" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual pieces are:

My Top 10 workwear sale picks

In the lead up to Christmas, you may or may not be shopping for others, adding the odd thing into the (real or online) basket for yourself.  Surely its not just me?!  If you are looking for another something to add to your pile under the Christmas tree, here are my current Top 10 workwear sale picks:

1. NINE WEST | Flax5 leopard print courts | Upper: ponyskin leather. Lining & outsole- other materials | Heel height: 3.5″ | £49 (was £95)

Jenna Lyons of J Crew said that leopard print is a neutral, and she’s right.  What doesn’t leopard print go with?  Would I recommend leopard print for work?  If its classic court shoes in a leopard print, then, yes, I would.  Voilà! And its currently just under £50:

NINE WEST | Flax5 leopard print courts | Upper: ponyskin leather.  Lining & outsole- other materials | Heel height: 3.5" | £95

2. NINE WEST | NW City Chic NS in black | leather outer.  Lined | Height:30cm, Width: 40cm | £99 (was £200)

If you are looking for a roomy, structured leather tote, this Nine West one might be just what you want, especially now that its half price.  I love the red interior, too.

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Shop the street style: Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon looked so chic when received her OBE, that even though it was back in 2010, its still an ideal outfit to base an outfit post on.  Isn’t it nice that if you choose an elegant outfit, 4 years later, it will still be admired?!  So, here is Tamara Mellon OBE, on the left, and here are the high street pieces to recreate her outfit, on the right:

Shop the street style: Tamara Mellon

No special explanation is needed for why I included both a regular and a maternity workwear outfit: many working women get pregnant and want to remain stylish.  Also, I created Tamara Mellon’s (Dolce & Gabbana) outfit in a grey version, rather than the black that she wore, because many of my outfit posts are black based, so I wanted to do something different.  Change or die, or words to a similarly dramatic effect.

The details of the individual pieces are:

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