Black Friday workwear shopping list

There’s a lot of buzz about the current and upcoming Black Friday deals, which is a post-Thanksgiving sales event that originated in the US.  Well, the love of a bargain is a global thing, so its now a popular sales event here in the UK, with some fantastic discounts available.  So here is my Black Friday workwear shopping list:

1) GAP     (Varying discounts on different items)

My recommendations from Gap are:

Moving onto regular workwear…

  • GAP | Merino knit in grey | 100% merino | £20 (was £39.95).  These are the best knits for me on the high street, right now.  I have it in grey (see below) and also the cranberry.  I plan to also buy the black. They aren’t for the long of body (unless you choose the tall fit) and you need to size up, though (I take medium).  However, they fit me well.


If you prefer cashmere, my friends are bulk buying these today, due to the thickness of the cashmere, and the flattering cut: GAP | Cashmere knit | 100% cashmere | £99.95.



2) FRENCH CONNECTION     (30% off with 30FCBF until today, and then 40% off with FC40B until Monday)

My recommendations from French Connection are:


For ankle boots, and more, my Top 15 ankle boots for work post mainly used links to House of Fraser, as their current brand event has good discounts on many brands, too.

If you are looking for a more exhaustive list of Black Friday fashion deals, you can find such a list here in the Telegraph’s Fashion section.


Thank you for reading, Reader, have an excellent day.

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Top 15 ankle boots for work

I have a great love for ankle boots, so I have been looking forward to writing about the Top 15 ankle boots for work for some time.  My criteria for ankle boots for work (as opposed to ankle boots in general) is:

  • leather uppers;
  • a heel height of no more than 9 cm; and
  • a relatively classic, formal style ie not biker boots, no chunky chains draped about.

As part of writing this post, I looked at a variety of brands.  Then noticed that House of Fraser are having a brand event that meant that many of the ankle boots I chose are cheaper if you buy them from there, so I replaced the relevant links with the cheaper, House of Fraser links.   On to the boots…  The Top 15 ankle boots for work, on the high street right now are:

"Top 15 ankle boots" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual ankle boots are:

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How I started this fashion blog

I spent a bit of time last week having to do technical upgrades etc on the blog, and I was also asked by a couple of people how to start a blog.  So, if you are interested, I thought it would be useful to write a summary of how you start a blog/website.

First of all, I am not IT savvy, and I have created this blog / website by myself, learning as I go along.  So, its possibly one of the more basic, or minimal fashion blogs you will see, but I like it, I’m proud of it, and if you follow the below points, you can start one of your own.

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‘Tis the season: the top 20 work party pieces

We can’t avoid it, and why would we want it to – its the party season.  Lots of fun!  Unless you don’t know what to wear.  Well, here are the Top 20 work party pieces on the high street:

"Top 20 work party pieces" by theworkwearedit

The details of the individual pieces are:

From day to night, workwear to weekend

Who doesn’t want to go from day to night, workwear to weekend, with as little change as possible?  Its not lazy, no, its efficient!  Also, its timely, as many of us are starting to celebrate the festive season, which often means after work drinks.

So, here are 2 day / workwear and night / weekend outfits based around 1 coat, 1 top and 1 pair of shoes:

"Day to night / workwear to weekend" outfit board

The details of the individual pieces are:

Shop the streetstyle: Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is one of my style role models: she knows what looks great on her, and she repeatedly wears it.  Fiercely, but with a smile.  Fortunately for me, who writes about workwear, she often favours shirts and pencil skirts, so you can shop Carine’s streetstyle look and still look work appropriate (although you might need to do another button up).  Here is one of her classic looks, on the left, which you can recreate using the high street pieces on the right:

Shop the streetstyle: Carine Roitfeld

The details of the individual pieces are:

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The best of Boden workwear (since its 25% off time…)

Boden currently have a 25% everything until midnight on Thursday, using the code X4K7, so here are the 10 pieces that are the best of Boden workwear:

"Best of Boden" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual pieces are:

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The Top 15 winter wool coats: the sequel

I wrote a post, at the end of August, called “The top 15 winter coats: its time”.  Since then, the mild weather meant I didn’t really focus on all the lovely coats that were coming into the shops.  Well, its getting properly cold now, so here we have The Sequel, as there are even more great coats to choose from.

I selected the coats on the basis that they need to be a) less than £300; and b) wool rich.  A winter coat is a performance item, and acrylic just doesn’t either keep you warm or wear well, and I have assumed that, like me, you expect your winter coats to keep you warm for years to come.  Sermon is over, here are the coats!

"Top 15 winter wool coats: the sequel" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual coats are:

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Trying it on at Whistles

Like most of us, I have been to Whistles, I have admired clothes from Whistles, and I have tried clothes on at Whistles.  However, its taken me far too long to pull it all together and write about what I saw, liked and tried on at Whistles.  So, here we go:


1) WHISTLES | Campbell tailored trousers in black | 46% wool, 49% polyester, 5% elastane | £125 (size 10)

Whenever I see promising looking trousers in a good fabric composition (this is good, but more wool is required for me to think its great), I try them on.  Here is the website photo:

Whistles Wool Blend Campbell Tailored Trousers, Black

Here’s how they look on me:

Whistles Campbell trousers, black, trying it on, change room selfies

Whistles Campbell trousers, black, trying it on, change room photos

Whistles Campbell trousers, black, trying it on, change room photos

Whistles Campbell trousers-the workwear edit

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The top 15 blush, berry and burgundy pieces for work

Its a beautiful palette: blush, berry and burgundy.  They look wonderful together, and fantastic with other colours.  Burgundy is at the more formal, easy to wear end, but berry is a gorgeous alternative to red, and blush looks lovely with creams and light greys.  Here are some photos from Pinterest that show you better than I can tell you:

"Blush, berry and burgundy" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

If you would like to add some blush, berry and/or burgundy pieces to your working wardrobe, here are the Top 15 pieces on the high street right now:

Top 15-blush-berry-burgundy-workwear pieces-the workwear edit-office-fashion blog

The details of the individual pieces are: