My Top 10 workwear sale picks

In the lead up to Christmas, you may or may not be shopping for others, adding the odd thing into the (real or online) basket for yourself.  Surely its not just me?!  If you are looking for another something to add to your pile under the Christmas tree, here are my current Top 10 workwear sale picks:

1. NINE WEST | Flax5 leopard print courts | Upper: ponyskin leather. Lining & outsole- other materials | Heel height: 3.5″ | £49 (was £95)

Jenna Lyons of J Crew said that leopard print is a neutral, and she’s right.  What doesn’t leopard print go with?  Would I recommend leopard print for work?  If its classic court shoes in a leopard print, then, yes, I would.  Voilà! And its currently just under £50:

NINE WEST | Flax5 leopard print courts | Upper: ponyskin leather.  Lining & outsole- other materials | Heel height: 3.5" | £95

2. NINE WEST | NW City Chic NS in black | leather outer.  Lined | Height:30cm, Width: 40cm | £99 (was £200)

If you are looking for a roomy, structured leather tote, this Nine West one might be just what you want, especially now that its half price.  I love the red interior, too.

nw city chic ns, black bag by nine west - bags & accessories bags shoulder bags

nw city chic ns, black bag by nine west - bags & accessories bags shoulder bags


3. ME + EM | Toscano shearling snood in peacock blue | 100% Tuscan Shearling | £103 (was £148)

Adding some Toscana sheepskin to an outfit adds instant luxury.  Accessories are invaluable for this, especially attention grabbing ones like this, so no one notices that its the same old coat, dress or top that you are wearing it with.  Plain clothes, interesting accessories: I usually dress like this.  This snood also comes in black and mink.


4. ME+EM | Twist neck tunic in plum | Viscose jersey | £29 (was £58)

I am a Me+Em fan, but find their range a little expensive, until it goes into the sale.  Which is now.  So, I have included another couple of pieces from their sale range.  This Rick Owens-esque top comes in various other colours, including black.  I think it would look wonderful with either cigarette trousers, or a straight midi skirt.


5. H&M | Leather shoes in black | Suede and leather uppers | Heel 9.5 cm | £24.49 (was £34.99)

The H&M Premium Quality range is where I look first, on the H&M site, as this is where the, well, quality pieces are.  Its good value when its full priced.  However, when it goes on sale, its some of the best value workwear you can buy.  These shoes also come in burgundy.

6. H&M | Leather ankle boots in black | Leather upper | Platform: 1cm, Heel height: 7cm | £29.99 (was £59.99)

7. UNIQLO | Ines Silk Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse | Silk | £29.90 (was £49.90)

Only available in small sizes, but this looks quite roomy.  If you were pregnant, it might also work well for the first half of your pregnancy.  Its worth keeping an eye on the Ines De La Fressange pieces at Uniqlo, as the quality is excellent eg the shirts are thicker than the other shirts.

WOMEN Ines Silk Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

8.  UNIQLO | Ines Tuxedo Long Sleeve Shirt in qhite | 100% cotton | £19.90 (was £29.90)

WOMEN Ines Tuxedo Long Sleeve Shirt

9. UNIQLO | Silk Half Sleeve T Blouse in blue | Silk \ £19.90 (was £39.90)

This silk blouse comes in a range of colours, although stock is disappearing quickly, online.

WOMEN Silk Half Sleeve T Blouse

10. DUNE  | EWOW Embellished Front Suede Clutch Bag | Suede front | £37 (was £75)

I admit that this is more work party than workwear, but surely that’s fine, too?  If I didn’t have an embellished clutch, or two, I would buy this one.  This bag has a shoulder strap – handy detail, Dune.


DUNE ACCESSORIES EWOW - Embellished Front Suede Clutch Bag - black | Dune Shoes Online


Thank you for reading, Reader, have a tremendous day.

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Shop the street style: Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon looked so chic when received her OBE, that even though it was back in 2010, its still an ideal outfit to base an outfit post on.  Isn’t it nice that if you choose an elegant outfit, 4 years later, it will still be admired?!  So, here is Tamara Mellon OBE, on the left, and here are the high street pieces to recreate her outfit, on the right:

Shop the street style: Tamara Mellon

No special explanation is needed for why I included both a regular and a maternity workwear outfit: many working women get pregnant and want to remain stylish.  Also, I created Tamara Mellon’s (Dolce & Gabbana) outfit in a grey version, rather than the black that she wore, because many of my outfit posts are black based, so I wanted to do something different.  Change or die, or words to a similarly dramatic effect.

The details of the individual pieces are:

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Shop the street style: black coat, green dress

I often write about the best of a particular piece, but I haven’t done as many outfit posts lately, pulling the various pieces together.  So, here is a winter workwear street style photo, on the left, that I have recreated a similar looking outfit for, on the right:

Shop the street style: black and green



The details of the individual pieces are:

Top 20 winter warmers and Christmas gifts

Its a real challenge to stay warm but look stylish.  However, adding any of these Top 20 winter warmers to your workwear wardrobe, will do it:

Top 20 winter warmers

As you can see, its all about faux fur, cashmere and Heattech, as these are the best things to layer up with, so you look chic, but feel warm.  ‘T’is the season to be giving (I can’t bring myself to say “gifting”) so many of these would also make ideal Christmas gifts.

The details of the individual items are:

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My perfect rain coat

While this isn’t exactly workwear, if you have a commute that involves spending any time outside, you pretty quickly need a rain coat.  I loathe being wet, and decided I needed a rain coat, and that it needed to be:

  • black;
  • smart (ie not overly “practical” looking);
  • affordable; and
  • waterproof.  There are lots of terms used like “shower proof”, “storm proof”, “water resistant” and “water repellent”.  I still don’t know exactly what they mean, but I feel they must offer lesser protection than a “water proof” coat.

So, after hours of shopping online and, even, a little, in stores this is the perfect rain coat for me: TRESPASS | Manhattan rain coat in black | £39.43 (size S).  Here are the website photos:

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Cyber Monday workwear shopping list

I admit that these codes flying about are a bit much, and sometimes you don’t even want to think about buying anything, and need a mental rest from it.  In which case, don’t read on, delete the sales alert emails, and have a shopping free day.

If, however, there are some things that you had your eye on, anyway, its worth buying them today, as there are discounts to be had, including on workwear.  So, here is my Cyber Monday workwear shopping list:

1. COS 

Its 20% off everything at Cos today, with HappyMonday.  Cos codes aren’t terribly frequent, and some of their clothes are beautiful, so this is the first brand I am mentioning.  My picks are partly based on what my friends have bought and are enjoying wearing (which means, I have mentioned some of them before):

COS | High neck pleated wool dress in blue | 96% wool, 4% elastane.  Unlined | £79

This looks very elegant and easy to wear.

Cos High neck pleated wool dress in blue workwear dress for office


COS | Woven wool scarf | 100% wool | £49

I saw a lady wearing the blue version the other week, and the weave is quite prominent, making it a beautiful looking scarf, that’s just slightly different from most.

Cos woven wool scarf in red


COS | Printed wool dress | 100% wool.  Unlined | £89

I saw a friend wearing this the other month, and, it looked marvellous on her.  Its the perfect print that looks interesting, but subtle, and goes with everything.

My Black Friday sales purchases

I should start by pointing out that Black Friday is madness – a flurry of codes flying around, some of which work, some of which have hidden exclusions. It’s a bit much, and it’s not hard to either 1) become overwhelmed and paralysed, or 2) lose your head and buy more than you need or should. The former is fine, but the latter can be a problem, can’t it? Even though most things can be returned if you get shopper’s remorse, all this time and energy adds up. So, I, personally think it’s best to approach such sales with a mental shopping list of things you decided to buy when they were full price, a level head and dead eyes.

Black Friday is really just one of many sales at this time of year, so if you didn’t buy something yesterday, some sales are continuing over the weekend, or even start again on Cyber Monday (see? It’s a succession of sales). Still, here is what I bought:

1) GAP
I must apologise for my last blog post – BLKFRIDAY was a code for 50% off everything, online, that only works in the US, and I should have checked it before it started, somehow. Yesterday, Gap had 50% off everything instore (with the cashmere removed from the sales floor!), and 30% off everything online.

Gap High Street Kensington W8 London

I went into a store and bought the following:

GAP | Ponyskin gloves that work on Smartphones | Ponyskin on the back, leather on the palm | £34.95 (less 50%). I think these are beautiful, sleek gloves and I am thrilled that you are able to use your smartphone with them. I love ponyskin and I am glued to my devices. I seem to lose most of my gloves by taking one off to use my phone.

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Black Friday workwear shopping list

There’s a lot of buzz about the current and upcoming Black Friday deals, which is a post-Thanksgiving sales event that originated in the US.  Well, the love of a bargain is a global thing, so its now a popular sales event here in the UK, with some fantastic discounts available.  So here is my Black Friday workwear shopping list:

1) GAP     (Varying discounts on different items)

My recommendations from Gap are:

Moving onto regular workwear…

  • GAP | Merino knit in grey | 100% merino | £20 (was £39.95).  These are the best knits for me on the high street, right now.  I have it in grey (see below) and also the cranberry.  I plan to also buy the black. They aren’t for the long of body (unless you choose the tall fit) and you need to size up, though (I take medium).  However, they fit me well.
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Top 15 ankle boots for work

I have a great love for ankle boots, so I have been looking forward to writing about the Top 15 ankle boots for work for some time.  My criteria for ankle boots for work (as opposed to ankle boots in general) is:

  • leather uppers;
  • a heel height of no more than 9 cm; and
  • a relatively classic, formal style ie not biker boots, no chunky chains draped about.

As part of writing this post, I looked at a variety of brands.  Then noticed that House of Fraser are having a brand event that meant that many of the ankle boots I chose are cheaper if you buy them from there, so I replaced the relevant links with the cheaper, House of Fraser links.   On to the boots…  The Top 15 ankle boots for work, on the high street right now are:

"Top 15 ankle boots" by theworkwearedit on Polyvore

The details of the individual ankle boots are:

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How I started this fashion blog

I spent a bit of time last week having to do technical upgrades etc on the blog, and I was also asked by a couple of people how to start a blog.  So, if you are interested, I thought it would be useful to write a summary of how you start a blog/website.

First of all, I am not IT savvy, and I have created this blog / website by myself, learning as I go along.  So, its possibly one of the more basic, or minimal fashion blogs you will see, but I like it, I’m proud of it, and if you follow the below points, you can start one of your own.

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