Trying it on at Zara

The stock turnover in Zara is so high that, really, I could almost do one of these posts fortnightly.  I will spare you that, Reader.  However, I do check the Zara website at least weekly, keeping an eye on what has come in and often have a look instore, before deciding what to try on when I go back.  I went in the other week, and here is what I liked and tried on.


1) ZARA | Printed leggings with side zip in black | 97% cotton, 3% elastane | £35.99 (size S)

Leggings?  Leggings for work? Fear not, these are mislabelled trousers.   Here is the website photo:

Zara-PRINTED LEGGINGS WITH SIDE ZIP-black-slim-work-trousers-square print

Here’s how they look on me:

Change room selfies-Zara-black-slim-work-trousers-square print

Change room selfies-Zara-black-slim-work-trousers-square print

Change room selfies-Zara-black-slim-work-trousers-square print

Top 15 accessories to add interest to your work outfits

One of the easiest and fastest ways to dress is by wearing simple clothes, then adding some interesting accessories.  I do this all the time.  Not only is it easy, its quite economical, as you can create many different outfits with the same, sometimes more expensive, neutral clothes.  When the accessories are eye catching, I find that’s what people pay attention to, more than the neutral clothes.  So, if you wish to dress like this, here are the Top 15 accessories to add interest to your work outfits:



Top 15-accessories-interest-work outfits-corporate-business-workwear

The look we are aiming for is sophisticated and interesting, not bonkers, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing too many of these at once.  However, you will see that most of these accessories are classically shaped, with the interesting detail lying in the pattern or colour.

The details of the individual pieces are:

Trying it on at Banana Republic

Reader, I’m sorry: I haven’t done a Trying It On post for a while, so here is one from Banana Republic.  Back, when the sun was shining and the weather was warm [scowls at this morning's dreary wet weather], I went to Banana Republic to try on a couple of dresses from the Roland Mouret for Banana Republic collection, I also tried on a few other things.  Here is what I tried on and my verdict on each piece.


1. BANANA REPUBLIC | Sloan sheath in black | 60% Cotton, 35% Rayon, 5% Elastane | £75 (size US6 or UK10 Petite)

 Here is the website photo:

 Here’s how it looked on me:



What would Jackie Kennedy Onassis wear to work?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – a name was synonymous with style, and even though her look evolved over time, she was always immaculately presented in simple, chic clothes that suited and fitted her beautifully.  That’s quite impressive, given that she spent the majority of her life in the public eye.  Most people have numerous style mishaps during that sort of period.

Now, Jackie didn’t shop from the high street; the suit you see below is, like so many of hers, from Chanel.  However, most of us do, so when I asked myself “what would Jackie Kennedy Onassis wear to work” I added the proviso, “if she had a high street budget”.  Here is the answer:

Jackie-Kennedy-Onassis-office-work-outfit-board-J Crew-Zara-Chanel

The individual pieces in this outfit board are:

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Outfit post: Cos this printed dress is superb (updated)

Update: Reader, I was disappointed in the bag I originally included in this post, so I have changed it and updated the post.

I know some women prefer to wear dresses to work, as they are such an easy way to dress, once you find the right dress.  Also, they are less traditional and corporate looking than a suit.  So, here is one superb printed dress, around which I put together two outfits, using some pieces I have written about or Instagrammed lately:

Cos this printed dress is superb (updated)


The individual pieces in each outfit are:

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